We are now also running a micro grants scheme, funded by the wind farm.  Local groups can apply for up to £500 to help with their activities. Application forms are available at the post office and are reviewed on a first come, first served basis at our monthly community council meetings.  We have a maximum of £2,500 a year to use for these micro grants so if your group is in need of something,please get in touch. For a full list of beneficiaries, see the bottom of this page.

After a long community engagement and consultation process, we recently published an action plan based on what you have told us you want to see in the town.  The plan contains short, medium and long term plans and a copy was delivered to every house in the Community Council area.  A funding committee has now been set up to accept and decide on funding applications from local groups.

Deadline for applications for the next round of funding is  31st March.

Here is a complete list of succesful funding applications so far...

29th October 2016 Kilmartin Museum £5,000
29th October 2016 Lochgair Association £12,500
29th October 2016 Blarbuie Woodland Enterprise £14,000
29th October 2016 Minard Community Trust £5,000
29th October 2016 Befrienders £10,000
29th October 2016 Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation £12,000
23rd January 2017 Lochgilphead Community Council £2,500
23rd January 2017 West Loch Fyne Community Council £2,500
2nd June 2017 Minard Community Trust£27,500
2nd June 2017 Lochgilphead Golf Club £1,488
2nd June 2017 Artmap Argyll Ltd £5,750
2nd June 2017 19th Argyll (Lochgilphead) Scouts £2,299
2nd June 2017 Mid Argyll Transport Volunteers £2,100
2nd June 2017 Mid Argyll Pipe Band £4,630
2nd June 2017 Blarbuie Woodland Enterprise £1,680
2nd June 2017 Lochgilphead Community Council £850
1st Dec 2017 Mid Argyll Youth Development Services £5,000
1st Dec 2017 Multiple Sclerosis Centre Mid-Argyll £20,000
1st Dec 2017 Mid Argyll Community Enterprises Limited £24,602
1st Dec 2017 Dochas Fund £18,870
1st Dec 2017 Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation £5,000
1st Dec 2017 Blarbuie Woodland Enterprise £2,000

Here is a list of the local groups who have benefited from our micro grants scheme so far...

Mid Argyll Camera Club.    Lochgilphead Armed Forces Day.    MS Centre Mid Argyll.    Mid Argyll Round Table.

Lochgilphead Men's Shed.    Fyne Families.    TSI Argyll.    Lochgilphead and District Angling Club.